Wedding Photography is the core of our business. We do our best to make sure the wedding couple not only have beautiful wedding photographs but also that the wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. I work with the couple to set up a schedule for the day. If the bride wants to do a "first look" with either the groom or her father we discuss the best location and when she wants to do it. We also talk about the special moments she wants to make sure are captured. Unlike a portrait, there are no second chances on the wedding day.

   I love working with the bride when she is getting ready. When she sees herself in her dress for the first time on her wedding day. The groom and the groomsmen as they finish their preparations. The wedding guests watching the brides father on that long walk up the isle. And later, the couples first dance. Capturing these moments is what drew me into wedding photography and keeps me passionate about it. I also understand how important it is capture the images for future generations.